How to Find the DramSoc Storeroom

The DramSoc storeroom can be found on Level 2M of the East Staircase of the Imperial College Union Main Building in Beit Quad.

How to get there

If you are stood in the quad in front of the main entrance to the Union, turn right and walk towards the corner of the quad where there is a pair of double wooden doors (indicated in the picture below). Walking through these doors and then the set directly in front of you, you will be at the base of the East Staircase. Make your way up 4 stories to Level 2M (one floor below the top). The DramSoc Storeroom is on your left, behind a door labelled “I.C.D.S.” and “Comus Lighting Designs”.

If you get lost

Feel free to call the storeroom on 0207 59 48102.

The below image indicates the entrance to the East Staircase from Beit Quad.

East Staircase Location, in the North-East corner of Beit Quad.
East Staircase Location in Beit Quad